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The Art in the Landscape Workshops film has been produced by Holm Films and artists’ Anna Cremin Horton and Rachel Jones. 

The aim of the artist-led workshops was to creatively engage participants in the consideration of their own landscape and to share the things they value about where

they live, life in the area and ways to celebrate them through art in the landscape. We are very grateful and thank all the of artists’ and participants who took part in the workshops in County Offlay and County Mayo in March 2022.



https://www.offaly.ie/eng/Services/Arts-and-Culture/  (Lead partner)

Funded through the Arts Council's Invitation for Collaboration Scheme.


Studio Response – Art in the Landscape cultural producers



Arts in the Landscape Report

Download Art in the Landscape Report here

Research undertaken by Terre Duffy of the development of the land art and the environmental art movement presented as the contextual inspiration for both Tir Saile Sculpture Trail and Lough Boora Sculpture Park. The research also maps Irish Sculpture Parks and trails in Ireland. The research was initiated by the partner organizations of Offaly County Council, Mayo County Council and Visual Artists Ireland and funded under the Arts Council's An Invitation to Collaboration Scheme.

Deep Mapping Lough Boora Sculpture Park

Deep Mapping Book - Click here to download

Reclaim | Rehabilitate | Restore | Regenerate by artists Tim Collins and Reiko Goto Collins. A deep mapping project that reveals a detailed depiction of place, people, buildings, objects, flora and fauna, exisiting within and surrounding the Parklands; as part of a process to consider a sustainable artistic vision that can inform the future development of Lough Boora Sculpture Park.

Tír Sáile - The North Mayo Sculpture Trail and Lough Boora sculpture park and some other links:

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Art in the Landscape Workshops facilitated by Anna Horton Cremin and Rachel Jones with artists local to Lough Boora sculpture park and Tír Sáile Sculpture Trail – March 2022

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Art in the landscape poem by Alice Kinsella


Build and they will –
they will come to what’s built.

Tidal art, rogue boulder.  
Collaboration with water, soil, the ebb and flow
of seasons’ persistent shift.

In a world where men built
pyramids, skyscrapers, empires.
the illusion of permanence.

In this structure of legacy
we pray art will lend us its immortality.
But even Rome fell, if not in a day.

To build for decay.
Admit the inevitable.
Dig the site of our children’s graves.

A burning sequoia or man, creation
and destruction woven. To grow down
to the earth, or unravel as spectacle.

Art in action, rather than the turning
from rust and rot, moss covered plastic,
a cracked herd, where hope forgot.

Build and they will –
they will come to what’s built.
And what of what is already?

Come, come!
To the remote, the wild, the untouched, unseen!
Come in the thousands but

(don’t)walk paths into bog, or take souvenir stones,
please remember to bring your rubbish home.

Benches and toilets and ramps and tearooms
and carparks and a cleaner and a bottle bank and barriers
around big drops and a clearly marked cycle lane
and a playground for the kids and somewhere for the electric
cars to plug in and a streetlamps though no street please.
It’s remote, unseen.

Build and they will –
they will come to what’s built.
And what of what is already?
And those, who aren’t coming, but are there?

We have enough ornaments in landscape
Does the craft of a stone wall have less merit
than the stature of artfully erected rocks?

Build it.
It’s all very well to tell
how to do differently.

But a wall built without skill will
buckle, fall. Better to bridge
the divide between.

Back to 
a nature that may be
no longer. Missing an imagined.

Chuir an tseanáit cumha orm.
The old place filled me with longing.

To get out into it.
Immerse in the fields like a hot bath.
Roam, take and give way.

Break down the barrier between
a reframing, a changing, a saving

After we build it, after they come,
(after the arm folding and humming and disagreeing and celebrating)
After we open the earth and lay down in it
What is left behind?


Alice Kinsella



Art in the Landscape Saved References from Chat

Session 1 – Welcome and Introduction

Cathy Fitzgerald
Morning from Carlow and the newly announced Arts Council Invitation to Collaboration project led by Carlow Arts Office for the 3-county Gnath6ga Nadurtha programme, involving creative wetland learning and engagement for Carlow, Kildare and Meath council, creative and county communities, and involving Haumea Ecoversity. Thanks Paola Catizone for the invitation and for all involved in organising this seminar

Lisa Fingleton
Good morning from Kerry and the Creative Climate Action Project with farmers and Dingle Hub: A Creative Imagining

Session 5 – The Local Context

Lisa Fingleton
Lots of interesting arts projects being funded under the current Creative Climate Action Fund
https://www.creativei re la nd.gov.ie/en/blog/creative-climateaction-fund-projects/

Cathy Fitzgerald
Re: the earlier comments on the need for resources and flexible frameworks: the Earth Charter, developed by civil society 30 years ago, and recommended by UNESCO for education for sustainable development (ESD), can be a very flexible framework for expanded ecosocial creative programmes, for beginning discussions with communities, on systems literacy, it covers ecological integrity, social justice, non-violence -

Session 6 – Art as Infrastructure

Noel Kelly
Fascinating - https://www.purdue.edu/fnr/ilisten/educators/wpcontent/uploads/2017 /08/YELLs_instructor_guide_8th_edition.pdf
Ecosystem Listening Labs

Cathy Fitzgerald
Thank you John and the great reflections throughout, People are very welcome to learn about, connect with the SE Irish Creative Drummin bog programme
also part of a new Irish Arts Council Invitation to Collaborate programme

Session 7 – Economies of Temporary Art

Lisa Fingleton
Hope that art can be transformative and encourage people to take actions that change society. "Every euro you spend tells the world who you want it to be"

Session 8 – Panel Discussion

Sally Oleary
Check out the Eco Showboat that is travelling to Offaly from 28th May

John K Grande
See Buster Simpson's Seattle ;projects for instance - encouraging local irrigation and preserving water in cities as it falls rather than letting it go via sewer systems

Veronica Santorum
Farmers in an artist project on climate change

Rachel Jones
Walkscapes -walking as an aesthetic practice (Francesco Careri) cannot recommend this book enough

James Rebanks

Aoife O’Toole
Aileen Lambert did a public art project based on local routes

Sally Oleary

Anne Kenna
Many of the issues discussed today are explored by the La Foresta Collective

Marek Wolynski

Session 9 -Closing

Marek Wolynski
Rachel mentioned 'Walkscapes' (a phenomenal book!) and it made me think about different ways of navigating landscape. We don't look at the stars anymore, we rely on GPS and other technologies. Bruce Chatwin wrote a beautiful book 'The Songlines' describing how Aboriginal Australian peoples have been navigating (and traveIIing through) the vast landscape of Australia with songs - yet, another way of finding the connection with landscape.

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